Hasta pronto Stéphanie!

Hoy  decimos hasta luego a Stéphanie Welters, nuestra belga favorita , que ha estado con nosotros como parte de su prácticas. ¡Ha sido un placer, mademoiselle!

Dejamos sus palabras: «When I look at this experience and I compare it with another that I did right before this one, I learned something that would be useful to me. I learned things that might influence my study-choice and really draw my attention. Maybe some works weren’t as attracting as others, but this is the only way to say: This is what I don’t want to do, and this is where I see myself in 10 years.

To say it brief and short, I learned to know new people in a city that isn’t my home, learning to expend a language that wasn’t my best one, and, the most important, learning about the real world of publicity and communication. In other words: I will never forget this experience and I’m leaving this agency with the pleasure of having learnt a lot.

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